UTRAC-IT Fleet Tracking

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UTRAC-IT Asset/Trailer

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The best GPS tracking devices

Fleet Tracking

Companies with fleets large and small are using GPS tracking to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. With UTrac-It GPS tracking, fleet managers can:

  • Track and monitor vehicles in real-time
  • Review driver activity visually on a map
  • Improve safety, increase efficiency and save

Personal Tracking for New Drivers

Monitor your teen’s driving habits, even when you aren’t in the vehicle. See where they travel and receive alerts for unsafe behavior so you can teach your teen how to be a safe driver.

GPS Asset & Equipment Trackers

UTrac-It lets you track valuable assets and equipment. You can also monitor their use in the field. Track any asset including:

  • Powered and non-powered equipment
  • Trailers of all sizes and types.
  • Rental items or equipment, and more.

​Boat & Powersports Tracking

Whatever type of watercraft or powersports equipment you own, UTrac-It's simple GPS solution will keep tabs on it so you can rest easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

No Contracts. There are no contracts with our fleet GPS trackers.

How much historical data is kept?

Up to 1 Year of data is kept for you to review.

Does it include a tracking app?

Yes. We have both Android and iPhone apps available in the app store. Once you set up your account, you will be given an access code to download the app of your choice.

How accurate is the GPS vehicle tracking?

UTrac-It GPS vehicle tracking is accurate to within 16 feet of the vehicle or asset with the tracker device.

Fleet\Asset Tracking

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